About IPMC Ghana

Who We Are

IPMC boasts a 3-decade long presence in the growing IT infrastructure industry, across West Africa.

We’re the leaders in developing a digital economy in the region through our expertise in systems integration, software development, and IT skill-development programs. We’re committed to seeing Ghana emerge as the leader in IT skills and services.

It is our pride to be the preferred partner for several leading government and private sector organisations when it comes to IT Solutions. Our business solutions have helped industry leaders in banking and finance, the oil and petroleum products, telecommunications, trading, and manufacturing achieve transformative success.









Our Values

Our business is built on a strong set of core values that have shaped our growth and continue to guide our relationships with our customers, partners, and our employees.

business interactions


Our teams conduct themselves with integrity and uphold the ethics of doing business in all our interactions.

transformative success


Our belief in the tenacity of purpose enables us to achieve transformative success for our customers.



The growth and success of our customers motivates our teams.

committed to the growth


We are committed to the growth of the communities in regions where we function.

Our Leadership

Our leadership brings together a diversity of experience in the fields of technology, business, education, and philanthropy. We champion the ethos of collaboration and transparency, that enables us to have a team that is driven, passionate, and approachable. 


Gurdip Hari

Gurdip Hari, as the co-founder and the first Managing Director of IPMC has helped in growing the company from its infancy, and continues to guide its development with his knowledge of developing of our inner self.

He is an author, educator, and a leader with strong values. Having made his life’s mission to awaken every individual’s sense of purpose, he promotes good health and wellbeing among communities through his various books on mental, physical and spiritual health. His dream project of promoting a more balanced form of education – the Healthy Mind International School – is now ready to serve the Ghanian society.

Amardeep Singh Hari

Amardeep Singh Hari

A seasoned entrepreneur, educator, and philanthropist with 30 years of experience building and developing successful businesses, Amar Deep S Hari is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of IPMC.

His experience spans product development, sales and distribution, software development, education, hospitality, entertainment, real estate, retail, and agriculture setups in India, USA, Canada, Ghana, and other West African countries. Having lived in Africa for close to four decades, Hari is devoted to seeing Ghana become the epicentre of IT in Africa. Hari serves on the founding teams and boards of for-profit and non-profit organisations in the fields of science, technology, information services, trading, and hospitality. He remains a lifelong traveller, and a student of cultures and people.


Sanam Hari

The present Managing Director of IPMC, Sanam Hari has spearheaded new growth initiatives and introduced transformative solutions for ITES and matured data-driven business models.

His passion of team building and use of technology across the enterprise is helping IPMC’s customers adapt solutions that increase efficiency, scalability, and security in their businesses. Bringing digital transformation in the modern day organization is a mission he has tasked himself to accomplish with a zeal for technology that drives the youth of today.

Our Partners

IPMC is committed to delivering high-integrity business solutions to its customers. Hence, we partner only with the best. From industry leaders to market disruptors, we stay ahead of the curve by forming strategic alliances with organisations that enable us to fulfill our commitment to placing Ghana in a leading position in IT in Africa.

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