Course List of All Online IT Training Courses

Online IT Training Courses

Course List of All Online IT Training Courses

IT skills are becoming increasingly important in a world where technology is reshaping everything around us. Do you want to pursue a career in information technology, or are you looking to start one? Your path to becoming an expert in the digital world is through IPMC Ghana. However, what distinguishes IPMC’s IT training programs? Now, let’s get started.

Who we are

IPMC, or Intercom Programming & Manufacturing Company, is the acronym. It is an IT conglomerate that deals with goods and services meant to boost productivity and efficiency within an organization. Additionally, IPMC comprises a training division that houses its college.

Since its founding more than 20 years ago, IPMC Ghana has developed into one of West Africa’s foremost institutions for IT education. IPMC has continuously provided high-quality education, fusing theoretical knowledge with real-world experience to empower the upcoming generation of IT professionals. In addition to providing education, our training programs are meant to change people’s lives and careers.

What prerequisites are there for IPMC courses?

In today’s quickly changing digital age, staying up to date with the newest technological trends is crucial for professionals in the IT industry. An easy and adaptable approach to learning new skills and keeping up with the times is through online IT training programs. IT courses Online training is widely available to meet your needs, regardless of your experience level.

Whether you are a beginner seeking to launch your IT career or an accomplished professional seeking to expand your knowledge, there is something for everyone. Let us look at a long list of these online IT certification courses that cover different IT fields.

The requirements change substantially based on the course that a student wants to take. For example, enrollment in boot camp courses necessitates that the student be a working IT professional. There are many different IPMC courses available these days. Students can experience various environments and cultures thanks to the college’s affiliation with other learning centers abroad. Furthermore, courses are tailored for company owners, IT specialists, and beginners.

An overview of the courses offered in IT training

IPMC provides a wide selection of IT training programs that are divided into important categories:

Every IT course list is appropriate for learners of all skill levels, from novices to experts, and is structured with specific goals and hands-on learning modules.

Techniques and Educational Background

We at IPMC support a well-rounded approach to education. Interactive class discussions and real-world applications are combined in our courses. Modern labs and abundant internet resources are available to students for an immersive educational experience. We also guarantee that each student reaches their maximum potential because our knowledgeable instructors are dedicated to offering customized support.

Corporate courses offered by IPMC

The organization created corporate courses with working professionals in mind who need to stay competitive in their fields by upgrading their skills. The best way to help people climb the corporate ladder faster is through these initiatives. Here’s a look at the options for courses.

Applying Cisco IP switched networks (CCNP and CCDP) with CompTIA Security+ certification.

  • Setting Up Windows Server 2012 Advanced Configuration
  • Setting up Junos Security (JSEC) in Windows 8.1
  • Developing and Putting into Practice a Server Architecture The CompTIA A+ Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions Development Configuring Windows Server 2012.
  • Setting Up a State-of-the-Art Server Infrastructure Windows Server 2008 configuration and troubleshooting
  • Setting up Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE) (CCNP and CCDP)
  • Putting Windows Server 2012 to Use and Configuration
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Management and Troubleshooting
  • Oracle Forms and Reports 10g Edition Handling Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database administration
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 ITIL Foundation Certification Core Solution Preparation.
  • The Certification of Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Teaching Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and Upkeep of Cisco IP Networks v1.0 (CCNP).

The goal of IPMC’s corporate programs is to improve learners’ skills that are relevant to the market. An individual will obtain an IPMC certificate upon completing the above courses.

IPMC professional courses

IPMC offers a wide range of professional courses under undergraduate, study abroad, boot camp, certificate, and diploma programs in addition to its corporate courses.

Certificate programs

The professional certificate programs offered by IPMC for IT courses for beginners are shown here.

  • Python For Beginners
  • Advanced AutoCAD
  • Learning with AI and Machine Learning
  • IT-based accounting

The IPMC courses above are appropriate for beginners and experts who wish to hone their technological abilities.

Diploma programs in IPMC

IPMC offers four IT-related diploma programs to give students practical experience with contemporary technology. Students participating in the programs will be able to learn in state-of-the-art, fully-furnished laboratories and gain exposure through industry visits and networking. A look at the available diploma programs is provided here.

  • Database Technology Diploma Program
  • An advanced degree in web development and graphic design
  • The Software Engineering Diploma
  • System Engineering diploma

Courses for boot camps

Individuals with prior IT industry experience are the target audience for these courses. Many companies require IT specialists with the requisite training and experience because technology is advancing quickly. The courses that prepare students for these roles give them the necessary skill set. Check out the boot camp IT certification courses offered by IPMC.

  • Cloud Computing
  • Technology for Financial Databases
  • Technological Marketing Project Management (TMP) and IT Security Procedures
  • System for Developing Mobile Applications Operating System

Enrollment Procedure

It is simple to get started with IPMC for your IT education:

  • Visit our campuses or website to learn more about available courses.
  • Consult with our counselors to determine the best path toward your professional objectives.
  • Finish the registration process to start your path toward IT expertise.


There is a greater need than ever for qualified IT specialists because technology is always changing. Whether you want to advance your career or start from scratch, IPMC Ghana offers a path to a rewarding IT career. At IPMC Ghana, where your IT career dreams come true, take the first step toward future-proofing your career by joining us. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our associates for more information; they can help you with the procedure and all the specifics.