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Helping out when we can, where we can at IPMC

Settled in the Volta region of Ghana (Africa), Nkwanta is a small town which previously had limited exposure to education and industry. In 2008, Extra Mile West Africa (EMWA), a rural and community development NGO in Ghana, came to the support of the local residents. Realizing the immense potential of honey production in the area, EMWA utilized the skill and talent of the locals in harnessing natural resources and enabled them to develop it into a full-fledged industry. EMWA started a professional training facility that offered training programs in beekeeping, honey processing, and to bring awareness to their efforts, marketing programs as well. The honey extraction techniques were so successful that a dedicated beekeeping training school was constructed to further the crucial industry. EMWA has truly gone the extra mile in their endeavour of establishing beekeeping as one of Ghana’s national industries through fully tapping the abundantly available natural resource.

‘IPMC Business solutions’ has donated personal computers and laptops to set up an IT lab at the EMWA center along with a free monthly internet connection. This will assist the community to use technology and bring further advancements in their beekeeping industry. IPMC continues to fulfil its mandate of supporting communities whenever and wherever we can, especially when it comes to IT services that can help the growth of our people and economy