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IPMC helps the informal sector during Covid-19 lockdown

A large number of people who work in the informal sector, especially those working on daily wages or earnings are one of the most vulnerable groups during the present lockdowns across the world. As one of the leading technology companies in Ghana, on this Good Friday, IPMC conducted a house to house exercise in Accra’s slum areas of Nima and Mamob. During this activity, the residents were presented with rice, oil, and soap, to help them manage the Covid times. 

IPMC’s CEO, Amar Deep S. Hari applauded President Nana Akufo-Addo’s early call for a lock down and stay-at-home orders which have ensured a slowdown of the spread of the virus. Mr. Hari also appreciated setting up of the Covid-19 fund to which many organizations such as the Indian Association, Lebanese Association, Association of Ghana Industries, CEO Network and many other philanthropy organizations have contributed wholeheartedly. The proceeds which are being used to fight the virus on the front line may also get supplemented by direct support from businesses in the form of food security to the vulnerable groups living in the slums. IPMC online, IPMC ‘s new way of doing business, is one such entity which is reaching out to people who are in desperate need of the essentials.