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IPMC’s journey to becoming West Africa’s IT Leader – As Covered by Forbes, Africa

Recently, Forbes Africa did a feature on IPMC Ghana as a part of their special coverage of West Africa’s rising stars. While it is an honour to be featured in a publication of international repute, it is an even greater honour to lead the digital transformation in Ghana and its neighbouring countries. When we started out in 1993, computers were scarce and businesses had no use for them. No business applications existed either. But we persisted. Because we had a vision, and our founders saw the true potential of Ghana in shaping West Africa’s tech-proved future. 

In our three decades of presence in Africa, IPMC has made a significant journey having started out in a small but significant role in building up the IT sector in Ghana with our indigenous accounting software that gained popularity with businesses in Ghana, and later was merged with another accounting software. Today, we are the largest system integrator in the region, having cultivated a high standard of network infrastructure. We deliver turnkey projects starting from a pre-design audit, through to installation, on-site support and management of some of the largest data centres in Ghana. It is a matter of pride for us to have partnered names like PWC, Ghana, Bank of Ghana, and the National Data Centre of Ghana. IPMC’s IT and business solutions have spanned across private and government sector organisations in Ghana and several neighbouring countries, making IPMC a household name in the region, in the true sense of the word.

IPMC’s IT solutions are now powering business automation not just in Ghana and its neighbouring countries in Western Africa, but have expanded our presence to Canada and India as well.

This journey has been possible because the founders of IPMC had foresight and a vision. This vision has led us to establish ourselves as the preferred IT Training and Solutions providers for several generations of young professionals in the region. Over 2 million professionals are out there in the world shaping the future of IT, having learned the ropes at one of our several IT Training centres in Ghana.

We anticipated the need for world-class IT learning and skill development programs in Ghana at an early stage and introduced stacked curricula for professional, corporate, and undergraduate courses for IT professionals, as well young students looking to get a head start in the careers of their preference. We partnered with the University of Greenwich, an accredited NCC Education provider to offer our highly sought after BSC program in Computer Science, which sees over 1000 graduates every year. 

Our strong local and international partnerships continue to pave the way for our growth, even in the times of the pandemic. IPMC’s CSR focus also ensures that we support the communities around us in these testing times. Our ability to innovate and think out of the box is what will truly see us through any challenge that comes our way.