Cyber Security


IPMC’s Cyber Security Solutions safeguard your business at every touchpoint  from computers and servers to mobile and other electronic devices and networks, from attacks. We deliver customized plans that work for end-user protection built for your industry and your security needs.


Our approach to security starts with a security audit for your business and goes up to disaster recovery and sanitising the IT eco system and up-skilling of technical staff. We deploy cyber defence platforms, frameworks, data and analytics to build defence systems against complex and sophisticated threats. Our state-of-the-art command and control center for live monitoring and incidence response, delivers on all your security needs.


Threat Monitoring

  • Incident Management
  • Pattern Discovery
  • Predictive Analytics with TTPs
  • Log Management/Retention


Vulnerability Management

  • 24X7 Operational Support
  • Vulnerability and Risk assessment and Penetration testing
  • Network, Security, Wireless devices VAPT
  • Advance Black Box testing with dynamic analysis security tools


Threat Response

  • Automated threat response 
  • Integrated Perimeter Devices 
  • Minimal Human Intervention


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