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The Importance of Collaboration in IT

The pandemic has shown us that isolated, we can achieve nothing, but when we support each other and work together, we rise. Even a small country like Ghana can aid a big one like India in the time of need as we just did sending out medical aid of oxygen concentrators. Together, we can overcome the hardest of difficulties and there are no limits to what we can achieve when we collaborate.


In the world of IT, collaboration can range from using collaborative tools for the workspace, to a larger picture of individual entities working together for the larger good. In the past, several tech giants have joined hands for specific projects that serve a greater purpose for their customers. Let’s take a look at some of the notable collaborations and partnerships in the world of technology in recent times. 

The Open Data Initiative

Microsoft, Adobe, and SAP came together in September 2018, at a Microsoft Ignite event, to announce that they’re joining forces. The collaboration named Open Data Initiative would enable greater interoperability and facilitate exchange of data between their applications – Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP C/4HANA and S/4HANA, and Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Experience Platform. The open data initiative is aimed at improving customer experience and giving greater control to the end consumer over their business data.

Team Upshift

Ford and Google recently entered into a strategic alliance that would enable the vehicle manufacturer to utilise the tech giant’s artificial intelligence and machine learning resources to enhance their own connected vehicle technology. The effects of this partnership will be available from 2023 onwards with the Android OS becoming available across Ford’s vehicles. 

IBM & Intel

The two tech heavyweights announced a research partnership to support some crucial US government initiatives and enhance the semiconductor industry, in March this year. This partnership brings deep tech to the field that constantly innovates in form and function. Dario Gil, SVP, Research, IBM wrote, ‘No single company, no matter how significant, can create and bring to bear the power of many technologies alone.’

Closing Thoughts

This statement truly captures the reality for a lot of big and small technology companies. One organisation alone cannot achieve all innovation and create advantages for all sectors they serve. When technologies are combined, magic can be created. Be it in the heavy, precise engineering of semiconductors, or chipsets, or cloud, and quantum computing.