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Together let’s fight Childhood Cancer

At IPMC Ghana we believe that Children are the future of our country and it is our utmost responsibility to take care of them. As part of our CSR initiative, we have been doing our bit by contributing to the cause of Childhood Cancer by sponsoring medication of 5 affected children every year. 

However, together we can do more for the cause. A fact to consider is that seven out of ten affected children do not get proper medication and treatment in Ghana. It is a consequence of poor health accessibility and lack of awareness. On top of that, the diagnosis gets delayed due to superstitions and cultural practices -many patients seek care through alternative medicines and spiritual healers before visiting health care facilities. This leads to late presentation and poor prognosis. On the other hand, even when the parents are aware of the condition of their child they are unable to take the child for treatments due to financial inadequacy. 

“Early diagnosis is the first step on the road to treatment for children with cancer.” Says Dr John Ahenkorah, lecturer of human anatomy and father of a childhood cancer survivor, Accra, Ghana.

While there are several NGOs working for the noble cause of treating these children, “Lifeline for Childhood Cancer” is one that has been closely working with the country’s leading hospital – Korlebu. They are dedicated to making childhood cancer control a national health priority and are also providing support to families affected by childhood cancer. Their mission is to optimize access to the best possible care for all children affected by cancer in Ghana. 

Individuals, as well as Organizations, can contribute to the cause. If you are an organization you can engage with “Lifeline for Childhood Cancer” support them as part of your CSR program. Individuals can sponsor various things from daily rations to books & toys for children. Additionally, you can make donations to the NGO. Finally, spreading awareness about Childhood Cancer still remains a primary service to the cause- as more awareness could lead to higher chances of early diagnosis and therefore, more chances to save a life. Let’s join hands and give hope of survival to young children and their families battling cancer. Let’s ensure no such child suffers needlessly. 

Note: Kindly contact Ms Akua Sarpong (Executive Secretary of Lifeline for Childhood Cancer) on +233 (0) 243-221-222 for any coordination.