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Top Trends in Tech in 2021

As the world battles waves of Covid and emerges resilient, here’s taking a look at some of the trends in technology. The consistent evolution in tech affects how consumers, organisations, and institutions interact with, and experience the digital world. The focus seems greater on experiential tech, and tech that powers faster and better communications, and reduces redundancy. 

Hyper Automation

The next big thing in the coming together of advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotics, is hyper automation. It is a crucial advance in technology to deliver results with speed and accuracy, and remove the need for human intervention for several repetitive tasks. 


The controversial next-gen of mobile networks is believed to revolutionise how we experience applications and the speed of data transfer. Looking at the increasing use of mobile phones in controlling consumer applications like tv, fridge, ac, lights & fans, ovens, and even integrating with automobiles, this could mean more applications with real life impact. 

Cybersecurity Mesh

Advances in cybersecurity will focus more access points now, moving away from a single perimeter approach. This distributed approach to cyber security promises greater protection in the event of a breach while ensuring multiple IT properties are not simultaneously at risk. As more and more businesses become customer-facing and digital interactions break the geographical barriers, a distributed approach to cyber security is the need of the hour.


Augmented reality and virtual reality continue their growth trends by providing immersive experiences to consumers. As covid pushes for remote work and a greater digital presence, businesses have to come up with innovative ways to stay relevant, and expand their reach. From entertainment to business to real life applications, AR and VR still have a long way to go. 

Distributed Cloud

While cloud computing was the big disruptor in tech, distributed cloud is its logical next step. Distributed cloud services will let you run applications in multiple cloud locations, based on your business needs. This advanced form of cloud computing will offer centralised control across multiple cloud locations, through primary and third party cloud service providers. 

Edge Computing

Being close to the source(s) of data, edge computing is able to overcome latency and provide the high speed computing necessary for IoT to function smoothly. Edge computing improves the availability of bandwidth and reduces response times for businesses, by providing access to realtime data-driven insights. 


Blockchain is the evolution of a truly simplistic idea, aided by technology to become one of the safest, most decentralised kind of databases. This technology has been an outlier for sometime now and is surely making its way into the mainstream thanks to the rising popularity of Bitcoin. Blockchain’s ability to offer secure and transparent tech is definitely a major reason for rising interest in the technology. 

What are the latest tech developments that you think will be the next big thing? Share your views with us in your comments.